sun flareThe following quote, when misunderstood, can lead to a common misbelief:

“The deeper sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” – Kahlil Gibran

An inexpensive stereo system does not reproduce the high and low frequencies well. If you look at a graphic reproduction of the sound pattern, you would see the highs and lows ‘flat line’ or cut off at some point.  This can have quite an undesirable effect on the listener.

As you evolve, your ability to feel the full range, the highs and lows, of human emotions expands.  You feel more deeply.  You do not ‘flat line.’  Flat lining is an intense experience: the lows feel like fingernails scratching a chalkboard… very painful.  The highs too are as if unmanageable or intolerable.  Though those feelings are intense, they are limited.  You have no doubt seen people flat line.  Words like intolerable hysteria come to mind.  It is as if the psyche crumbles or buckles over.

In contrast, the ability to feel the full range of emotions is a more highly evolved state.  The ability to feel deep sorrow does not enable one to feel deep joy.  The capacity to feel both develops simultaneously as one evolves.  Expansion occurs in all directions simultaneously.

Now at first glance, this may sound undesirable.  Who wants to be able to feel more sorrow?  However, it is not like that.  As you evolve, the cosmic cushion of the depth of your being is more and more fully experienced.  That is to say that you awaken to a place deep within your being that remains untouched by sorrow or joy. It is like the tail of a kite that enables you to soar higher without tumbling.

On the other hand, flat lining is an overwhelming experience.  The Self is overshadowed.  Integration breaks down.  Irrationality consumes ones being.  Be it due to great sorrow or joy, flat lining is an undesirable and limiting state.

It is valuable to note that even Lord Rama, fully established in the Self, fell to his knees and sobbed when he learned his beloved wife, Sita, was kidnapped.  The equanimity of the enlightened is not a zombie-like state.  Great emotions are felt. Yet the Self, the tail of the kite, is not lost.  The emotions soar higher.  They do not flat line.

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