houseThe problem with the question is that it assigns absolute truth to the notion of time. Even in modern physics time is understood to be a manifestation.  We would say an aspect of maya.  When time is understood, then one sees beyond sequentiality and the question then dissolves away.  The two are understood to be one and the same.

Within the illusion of time however, there is free will.  Also, within that paradigm, karma sets in motion the wheels of the predetermined.  With everything you’ve got, use your free will to follow your dharma and overcome your karma.

You are living within the dream.  Only the tools of the dream can free you.  A real tool is of no use within the dance of the dream.  The only way out is through. Attempts to push away the tar baby, only further entangle you.

You will master the dream.  It is only a matter of time.


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