An older English gentleman, being interviewed on the news, said America is losing its Freedom of Conscience.  It is represented in the US constitution as Freedom of Speech.  I understand other countries do call it Freedom of Conscience.  It is a profound and precious concept sometimes thought of as listening within for Truth… the idea that God speaks to you through your conscience.

But is your conscience really free?  Are you free to think for yourself? Or has society, your peers, religions and political correctness told you how to think?  Do you even know your inner voice or is it your indoctrination masquerading as your conscience?  In this age of political correctness, your conscience is under attack: “Think this way or you are vile!”  Intolerance is rampant and, as Gandhi said, Intolerance is, in and of itself, a form of violence.

The depth of your being is divine.  Human evolution is about living in harmony with the depth of your being.  Societies, religions, peers, and everything in a culture… in your environment… support your evolution when that culture is healthy.  In this day and age that is a difficult thing to even comprehend.  Worldviews are at war with one and other.  Conscience has been hijacked by indoctrination.  If you are not careful, even the finest of religions, morality, and codes do not free but instead they enslave.  They can be used but are often abused.  The path of evolution is indeed delicate.

As you evolve, you become free.  It is called spiritual liberation.  When truly free, your conscience is the voice of the divine.  But such freedom is not attained through indoctrination.  Nor is it attained through rebellion or anarchy.  It is only attained through your evolution… a profound, delicate, highly misunderstood and elusive process.

Freedom of Conscience is a lovely concept, when comprehended and honored.

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