Someone sent this interview of Dr. David Price to me. Finally a front line expert who makes sense? Is this the voice of wise experience, or just another opinion? We all can decide for ourselves. He said that 99% of the time, the virus is transmitted via hands. And if I may say so, I have promoted this approach to basic hygiene for many years, as my students know, and not just regarding this particular virus, but as simple common sense hygiene preventing many contagious diseases… basic microbiology 101. I do not like shaking hands. I do not approve of hugging all sorts of people. Wash hands especially after touching public door knobs, etc. etc. Dr. Price said the exposure must be prolonged and in a closed small room to catch the virus via airborne. I know, I know, this doctor appeared on a TV station that many refuse to watch. But this is about what the doctor said and not about the channel. I would add that for some time doctors have said that people catch colds in winter, not because it is cold outside, but rather because people stay indoors confined to a closed area for a prolonged period of time. What does that say about the stay at home shut down policy? Could that be why states that reverse the restrictions have the incidence of the the virus go down?

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