My unedited notes:

Inner priorities can free or confine.  Let’s take a moment to reevaluate how we ‘roll’.            

Reaccessing your goals.  Have the courage to tack like a sailboat.  To tack is not to say you were mistaken. It is just life.

Self Honesty

Facing the wind 

Lying to yourself is the greatest form of self betrayal

Samskaras—impressions left upon the mind… the sum total of lifes stored experiences…. Karma.   Fight your karma with everything you’ve got.

commitment to stands taken can be the biggest obstacle in life.

Aspire to the divinity within, not allegience to notions  Freedom lies beyond beliefs and convictions.  It is a pathless path, yet is eternally committed to the light within. Do not confuse beliefs or notions with that Inner Light.  Wisdom lies beyond notions but is the guiding light that leads to freedom from the chains of such addictions.  Truth is an abstraction.

Freedom lies beyond limitations imposed upon the mind.

Follow the heart of your being, not the samkaras imposed upon the emotional heart.

Clinging to convictions can overshadow decades of meditation.

 Having to be right all the time to feel good about yourself is the guaranteed path to a life of inner torment and conflict.

Echoes of Truth perceived as Truth hold Truth at bay.

True learning means moving beyond what you know.  It is not just reinforcement of what you already think you know.

 Always be willing to reevaluate.

Do not evaluate yourself or others based upon the biggest mistake you/they ever made. 

Facing an error you may have made is not an annihilation of your self… rather it is an affirmation of it.  Do not allow the surface of your life to define your depth, your self worth.

 “What we do in life echoes in eternity” Russell Crowe in movie Gadiator

Life is a paradox

 “…to believe in the heroic makes heroes.”


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