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No worries.  All going as planned.  The Sun will rise.  ‘Just keep a steady hand on the rudder.’

‘If you wear a mask for too long, there will come a time when you can not remove it without removing  your face.”

The power of human mentality, e.g., the middle eastern mentality versus western mentality, etc.


Here is what The Great Transition to the Golden Age of Sat Yuga looks like:

Whatever country you’re living in you should ask yourself a question: do you feel safe? …Germany, United States any European, Africa, South America country, Mexico, China any Asian country, etc and then ask yourself why. and I’m telling you it’s the leadership of our nations that are not right in the head.  and that is because global mentalities are askew and that is called Kali Yuga.

That sounds frightening BUT it’s all about to self correct! When the rubber band is so tangled up, it’s about to unravel and that’s a good thing.  People are waking up.  Sat Yuga,  the golden age is about to be spring forth.

The only question is the nature of the transition. Will it be smooth and seamless or will it be an Armageddon? Does seem we have averted the worst!  I have been foretelling of this transition for the past 20 years (longer even) and have  been explaining how to make the transition, smooth and efficient. But it is, of course,  not just me saying this.  It is in the Vedic Literature from Rishis, Lord Krishna, Jyotish, etc. etc. as I have shared many times.  And who’s listening? Very few.  If only we could’ve had the Enlightened City of Vishwakarma built by now  (We have his plans/drawings from the cognitions in every detail)…. the transition would then have been much smoother, but everything is well and wisely put. Karma and Dharma are both the will of God.  We’re still marching on forward, forward, forward.  The transition will happen.  In a few short years we will be able to say we had the fantastic opportunity to witness the great and rare transition from Kali to Sat Yuga.  It will happen like the rapid transition of nature in spring time as humanity awakens.

Current Events

“The government can’t be trusted” Governor Kristi Noem, South Dakota


SVB Silicon Valley Bank funded high risk high tech ventures and failed.  No big surprise there. 

FTX  was ridiculous.

Janet Yellen thinks to much about diversity, equity, etc. and not enough about common sense fiscal policy.  No common sense.  How people like that get in such high offices is a wonder.

And now the push for the digital dollar?  Spooky.


Because people cannot believe anyone would be that corrupt (or stupid), therefore believe that what they’re saying must be true.  Some really are that corrupt, some that gullible, that entrapped, stupid, lost, ensnared, greedy, or whatever.

It does make me wonder about their motivations why did they feel the need to control? How do they justify it?  To what degree might drugs have been involved.  (I mean just look at the shear volume of legal and illegal drugs consumed!)

I think they feel entitled self-righteous, and really just not in touch with the lives of others

I also think they just gradually sink into it more and more deeply and before they know it they’re just lost in it with no notion of it and/or no way out anyway. I think we’ve all heard people say when they get close to them and look in their eyes it’s like there’s nobody there.


On a positive note, It looks like Prime Minister Modi will be coming to the United States in June. We should try to get him to visit Mount Soma!


Doctors Around the World Say It’s Time to Stop the Shots    Epoch Times

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