leafIn ‘comments’ to the previous blog I was asked about the Grace of God, to which I responded:


The Grace of God lies in the omnipresence.  In technical terms: The unified field underlies all that is.  It birthed and sustains all that is.  Everything comes out of it and all is gravitating back to it.  Like the out breath and in breath.  Evolution refers to the return… the in breath.  Manifestation refers to the out breath.  Gods Grace, God’s Love, is the eternal ‘gravitational pull’ of the unified field.  “Pull’ is one word. Perhaps you may prefer another. It may also be referred to as ‘The Support of Nature.’

The understanding is the important thing. We are like water atop a mountain returning to the ocean. The pull of gravity that propels the water is God’s Grace. As you evolve, that Grace is felt more and more fully. You can fight it, which is often done even in the name of it.  However, as you fight it less, you receive it more.  In time it overtakes what you thought of as yourself and you awaken to your true self… you realize that you are one with God. God’s Divine Will and your will are then realized to be one.  See?

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