gunWith all the debate about gun control going on, have you considered the topic from the perspective of Vedic knowledge? What should be done? Outlaw guns? Tighten regulations? Stricter penalties for violations?

Imagine the world to be a pot of water. A fire burns beneath it. It inevitably boils over. To prevent it from boiling over, would it make sense to attack the bubbles? Laws against bubbles would have no net effect. Take away the guns and they will use knives or bombs. Doesn’t it make more sense to turn down the fire? With all the fire, the bubbles are inevitable.

That is easy enough in the case of a boiling pot of water: just turn down the heat. Though it has eluded the world, the solution to a world boiling over with the fire of anger, fear, and hatred is just as simple: Create coherence… build Unified Field generators. Cool off the planet. That will solve the problem of real global warming.

That is the only and the simple solution.

This does not mean that we should not have laws. It does mean that the laws will not be effective as long as the heat is on ‘high.’

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