flowerWhat makes a flower beautiful?  A healthy root.

What makes a person happy?  A healthy essence.

Tend to the depth of your being first.  Then the surface will be fed.  Just as a healthy root is the source of a beautiful flower, a healthy essence is the source of a happy life.

By tending excessively to the surface of life without sufficient attention paid to the depth, life is starved of the very source of happiness.

Tend to the depth.  If the soul is strong, life will prosper.  It is in the depth that you find the strength, creativity, flexibility, wisdom, and intelligence to cultivate a happy life.

In this world today, the surface of life is the primary focus.  That is upside down.

Spirituality is really just another word for the depth of life. It is not a philosophy or belief system.  It is a state of physiology.

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