Imagine a lioness with her cubs cuddling and crawling all over her in their den. The lion roams protectively circling the den while the lioness resides in divine union with her cubs. The connection between mother and child is the most beautiful miracle in all of nature. There is no stronger force in the universe than a mother’s love for her children. To witness the daily unyielding, unending, dedication of her life, her every breath, to her kids is a great and humbling honor.

The very idea that the child is born right out of the mother’s body… what a marvelous and unfathomable wonder. In those tender early days, it is not mother with child. It is mother/child… one unit, one being. To watch a mother carrying her newly born child is to witness one body of two seamlessly merged beings. Slowly over the months, two separate beings emerge, yet the profound and exquisite bond remains.

And then to think of Mother Divine. Her love for all of us is unyielding… eternal. The beauty and power of Her very existence births this entire universe. She deeply cares for us all. She longs to wipe away our fears, our worries, our troubles, our transgressions. There is no greater love, and in the protection of Her children, there is no limit to her fury, her passion. She would do anything to protect Her children. She is the upholder of the universe.

She lives in the hearts of mothers everywhere.

Happy Mothers Day!

Shri Mathre Namaha
I bow down to Mother Divine

Happy Mother's Day!

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