fishA dream is often a symbolic representation of the current tone of your psyche.  For example, if you watch a frightening moving and then go to bed, you may have a nightmare.  If you are feeling wonderful and go to bed, you may have a lovely dream about flowers and sunshine.

Life after death is the same, only it is based on the longer cycle of lifetimes. Tend to the tone of your psyche.  Perhaps you can rationalize how you are thinking now, but after you drop the physical body, you are left with the realm that corresponds to the tone of your psyche… be it love, good will, lust, fear, nobility, divinity, or whatever.

The best way to cultivate a desirable tone to your psyche is to practice proper meditation. I recommend the Surya Ram Meditation which is taught free.  Then after a few months, you may choose to progress to the Surya Ram Meditation with Advanced Technique.

The second important thing to do is to watch your thoughts.  What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.  Cloaking poor thinking in humor or other rationalizations does not get you through the pearly gates. That is the place where all bluffs are called.

Speak the sweet truth, never denounce anyone, do not entertain negativity, avoid base desires.  And yes, you can do that while remaining practical and realistic in your relationship with life and people.  Embrace the high road of righteousness, good will, harmony, and peace.  You will thank me for this, five seconds after you’re dead.

Do not worry, just do your best.  That will be successful.  Count yourself among the most fortunate in that you have this knowledge.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.