My unedited notes from the past week:

If you were to see a filthy fish bowl with fish floundering, dying, behaving crazily then you would immediately know to clean the fishbowl. So lets just take a step back!

Infinite Correlation

At this Moment in Time  JFK’s words apply: “there are milestones in human progress that mark recorded history … it requires physical and moral stamina to equal the stresses of these times” Sat Yuga rising as cobwebs cle

full speech on Youtube :  February 1962 – President John F. Kennedy greets John Glenn (Color Footage)

James Webb Telescope

Check out:  all you need to read is the title.  Astrophysicists are in a panic as Big Bang theory is compromised from James Webb pics.  like we said in earlier podcasts, big bang is wrong.

There is one source for all existence, as per Veda, but that Source is far beyond current Big Bang theory perspective.

 in fact everything we predicted in the podcasts/blogs is coming true:  covid, 2022 predictions, big bang, politics, everything.  of course, first impressions die hard as some still  scoff, clinging to what they thought…

however, now poles show 90% of Americans say country is on wrong track.

“Nobody ever apologizes”

Infinite correlation: Cobwebs clearing across the board—physics, politics, morality, military/pharmaceutical/political/woke/wallstreet industrial complex.

The world is waking up.

The laws of nature fluctuate over long periods of time and we are approaching a time of transition a pivotal point in that fluctuation.  Can happen smooth as silk or with huge upheaval.  Rishi’s Enlightened City Technology is essential.

Or instead of “cleaning the fish bowl” the fish just keep getting mad at each other as the fish keep going more and more insane

Rishi’s have the solution

people cling to their perspectives even about meditation and their chosen religion people usually don’t meditate regularly anyway… we have the unified field generator given to us from the Rishis we have only to build it

hidden in plain view, so obvious: CLEAN THE FISHBOWL

Playing music to corn

“Jesus is the fix for all that is broken” quote on sign board outside local church

Christ: Vedic Meaning:  Chaitanya, Bhav Titam, is source of Divinity underlying all existence.

Rishi’s Enlightened City

Working title: the light of awareness heals

Superstition creeps into religion, and then people take a look at it and reject religion… baby with bathwater… purify don’t reject.

If you’re not seeing how crazy things are you’re not paying attention to the news to the television just surf the channels to the people all around you and it’s all just right there self evident

Rishis have offered the solution and all we need to do is build it

The Enlightened city radiates through global consciousness as Ghandaarva Veda music radiates through a cornfield

Enlightened City radiates through the country

Cleans to fishbowl of global consciousness

If it’s a simple and so great why hasn’t anyone built it here’s the answer:

Positive attracts negative:

It is physics:

Opposition to building a Shiva Temple is huge but enlightened city with multiple temples is several thousand times more powerful than one temple so the opposition is monumental [nxnx100 crystal-like resonant structure]

Let Mikey do it… when my teacher was asked why he doesn’t build a Vedic temple he said there’s too much karma involved i.e. opposition

Interesting physics:

gravitational field equation contains lorentz equations


cosmic rays, schroedenger equation

electrons have dimension so no black holes or big bang

antimatter galaxies .. where they touch matter galaxies get quasar and gamma ray bursts.  … matter antimatter aannialation

quasars—anti and matter galaxies colliding

If you take a step back you can see the power of identity: narratives group think social orientations indoctrination’s etc. it becomes obvious that really great new knowledge meets huge resistance and ridicule

Nuclear power is not what is was.. new tech much much safer.

My primary interest is providing a deeper understanding of the nature of life and existence… i.e. spirituality.   BUT in light of the current events there is an urgent need to address those events CLEAN THE FISHBOWL

Department of education and teachers unions mess

UFOs and the church… does not compromise religion but expands it greatness

.  Buttigieg wants to outlaw carbon emission cars [gas] and drive up gas price to be prohibitive but power grid can not manage electric cars at present

homeless shelters are overrun with migrants

by 2032 usa national debt interest alone will be one trillion per year. 

GDP is about 3 trillion

China is building COAL plants like crazy

Solar panels are highly toxic and need to be replaced regularly—land fill

Fall of the Roman empire became too corrupt and convoluted with selfish narrow minded motivations

Working title: the bottom line. working title:  Rishi’s Visions,  Infinite Correlation, It’s Happening


1}  Someone asked me about ‘dark matter’.  My response:  There is no such thing.  It was just something Big Bang theorists made up to try to make their formulas work.  According to their formulas, there had to be way more matter in the universe than they knew of, so they said there is this unseen, unidentifiable matter they called ‘dark matter’.  Bye bye Big Bang.  Bye bye dark matter.

2}  By the way, a hundred years from now people will find it hard to believe that human beings in our time never ‘cleaned the fishbowl’ of consciousness.  Sort of like never brushing your teeth…

3}  Also, I think in the podcast I may have said that lightening is the result of matter/antimatter interaction.  Actually, the lightening itself is of course electromagnetic.  However, the energy released is so great that nuclear reactions result creating some positrons [antimatter] which are immediately annihilated

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