honeyIt’s simple enough, isn’t it?  So much can be accomplished through friendship.  So much damage is done through conflict.  Yet so many try to get what they want from others with vinegar… so few with honey.

Think about it.  There are those who are reliably polite and kind.  Then there are those that consistently stir hard feelings.  Of those, whom do you feel naturally inclined to help?  And for whom do you feel like you are the one who always has to ‘take the high road’, even though your inner child’s first response may be the opposite.  Which of those people get the most from you?

Interestingly enough, the vinegar type of behavior seems to come about more readily when things really matter or when money is involved.  Usually immediately, and certainly long term, honey will get you better results.  So why is it that vinegar is so prevalent in world… especially when it seems to really matter!? Wouldn’t you think that when it really mattered, people would behave the most wisely, not the least?!

The answer is quite simple… weakness.  It is easy to put on a honey facade when everything is fine and minimal inner strength is required.

Everyone would do well to ask themselves how they behave during more challenging times.  Remarkably, it is not only individuals in our daily lives but also our world leaders who behave from such emotional and psychological weakness. Wars are fought over such weaknesses.  Unbelievable really… isn’t it?

vinegarI bring this up in hopes of inspiring a better way. Yes the angry inner child is there. Yes, it is not healthy to stuff your feelings away. But it is even more life damaging to act out the vinegar.  There is such a thing as working with your inner emotions in a constructive manner. Finding that way and using it… perhaps that is what being a mature adult is all about.

This simple lesson is a major component to the art of manifesting.  The light of awareness heals.  By holding this up to the light of awareness, may we progress as the family of humanity.



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