leafRegarding the ‘Strength” blog, I was asked the following question:

How can you distinguish for yourself what is a strong ‘grip’ versus a strong clinging to a belief or a perspective? How do you know you’ve rested into your essence/soul or just an overlay?


To which I respond:

This is a very good and important question.  In a nutshell, the answer is that you don’t know.  If you really knew you were clinging to something, you would be seeing beyond it.  If you really saw beyond it, you would not be clinging to it.

I like to say that the exploration tills the soil that facilitates the natural self-correcting mechanism… i.e. evolution.  That process is called discernment.  It is cultivated through reflection, proper counseling, self-honesty, proper meditation, openness, etc.  The art of discernment is a major portion of what I teach.

In extreme cases, it is obvious to others when a person is clinging to a belief… for example, radical fundamentalism or a digging in of the heels.  But as you move forward, the process gets more and more elusive.  As has been said, the only true knowing is knowing that you know nothing.  Knowing nothing means knowing no-thing… knowing that which is beyond things, beyond beliefs and perspectives.

It is not about the thing so much as it is about your relationship with the thing.  It is like learning to swim.  If you cannot swim, you cling to the rubber ducky to keep you afloat.  It is everything.  Without it you feel that you would drown.  Slowly, slowly you get comfortable in the water and in time no longer need the rubber ducky to stay afloat.  Then you swim freely in the ocean of being.  You may still enjoy the rubber ducky, but your relationship with it is completely different.  See?

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