You’ve seen rubber bands that get bunched up and twisted into tight little balls. You can stretch it out flat but when you let it go, it springs right back into its bunched up and twisted little ball. A person’s awareness is like a rubber band. It is programmed to view everything in a particular manner. It is a real stretch to see things another way. Even when you do stretch your awareness to view things in a new way, your awareness springs right back to how it was. And how much better it feels to get things back to ‘normal’!

When presented with Knowledge of how everything really works, it can be a stretch. At the same time, it touches that deeper place within you where you are eternally one with Truth. It makes sense. Yet like the rubber band, the tensions remain in the awareness and it soon springs right back to the familiar old comfortable way of seeing things.

By repeatedly revisiting Knowledge, the tensions in your awareness are eventually released. The release of stresses and strains in your awareness is what evolution is all about. Unfortunately, people often trade one set of tensions (one way of bunching up the rubber band) for another. They just replace one world view with another.

Truth dwells within you as you. To discover Truth, you only need to release the tensions in the rubber band of your awareness. It is really so simple.

Yet the old familiar way of bunching up the twisted, tight, little ball of awareness that is the sum total of all your life experiences is very stubborn.  It is the notion of truth you cling to, rely upon, and identify with. The path of freedom from those habitual patterns is true spiritual growth. It is indeed illusive.

How It All Works by Michael Mamas

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.