“I don’t make jokes.  I just watch Washington and report the facts.” Will Rogers.

mockingbirdTo win the presidential election:

• Think primarily of 30 second sound bites.

• Do not hesitate to lie.  Very few people have the time to research the facts and even those who do will not be believed if you come across better on camera than they do.

• Determine what most people want to believe and tell them that.

• Do not hesitate to tell one special interest group one thing and another something else. When confronted about the hypocrisy, say with great conviction and authority, something that makes no sense and stand by it.

• Whatever your opponent says about you, say the same about them.

• Ignore the truth and the facts. Claim anything that will get you elected.

• Go for the money… use it to buy the election.

• If someone tells you your facts are incorrect, tell them their facts are incorrect.

• Pay maximum attention to how you hold yourself and how you look on camera.  That is what gets the votes.  Be cool, calm, and collected.  Pretend like you are in a Hollywood movie.

• Smile… it is not an election of substance… it is an election of charisma.
We live in Kali Yuga.

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