I sincerely believe that if we all sat together and discussed personal and political matters, we would realize that we all share the same ideals.  For example we all want peace, harmony, prosperity and justice for all.  Politics has just put a harsh and passionate spin on it all. 
As with so many levels and issues of life (interpersonal, community, political, philosophical, religious, even dietary etc.) the belief that seems to hold true is that the best way to win a disagreement is to demonize those with the opposing view.  “We are good; they are bad” seems to dominate over a mature, balanced, and reasonable joint effort to move life forward.  Paticularly in this election year and certainly regarding the current challenging jyotish, we do well to sidestep the politics and not get caught up in all the negativity.  Needless to say demonization breeds hatred which destroys so much of what we all long for.
Speaking of jyotish, Saturn and Jupiter are moving closer and closer together. They will be the closest around December 21, which is not good.  Also, Mars and Saturn are very powerful these days.  So for the next few months we do well to put extra attention on staying ‘out of the weeds’ of conflict and negativity.
A brief look at the history of humanity makes it clear that we have a lot to learn before we can live, let live and just get along.  Hatred and contempt is no way to run a world, a country, a state, city, community, or personal life.  Perfection dwells deep within the Kaivalya of the Transcendent.  We do well if we do not demand it of others…or of ourselves.  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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