Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.
But without it we go nowhere.  –
Carl Sagan

fairyI love this quote.  To become free, you must learn to think freely.  Do not be afraid to imagine.  Massage your thoughts.  Do not demand that they be exact, right out of the box.

Cultivate relationships that support you in this regard.  Thoughts are not meant to be etched in stone. They are meant to evolve as you explore them.  I do not plan canned lectures.  I share my thoughts, my process, with others.  That is a far greater gift than a set of stagnant facts.

The end point of exploration is not the fruit, not the essence.   There, in fact, is no end point.  Life is alive. It continues to grow. It is an evolutionary process, as essential to life as breathing. If canned, it withers and dies. Trying to hold still in the name of growth is a contradiction. Rigidity is for wood boards, not people.

Evolution is life. You are free to evolve. Don’t fight it.

Neti, Neti, Neti – not that, not that, not that ­– is the nature of life.  Waiting for. or demanding the perfect ‘that’ is a death trip.  Evolution is an ongoing process toward ‘that’ while every step along the way is ‘not that.’

Playfully expressed, life is a series of failures.  When you delight at that thought, you are on your way.

I do love the quote.

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