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Michael Mamas -

  • "Put Yourself in an Environment Where You Can Evolve"
  • "Reality is a Continuum"
  • "Enter the Divine Flow"
  • "Karma and Free Will are One: The Experience"
  • "Uncover the Deepest Level of the Self"
  • "Self-Confidence: Are You Looking in the Right Place?"
  • "Your Life has Momentum: Here’s How to Change It"

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  • "The Art of the 5 Second Scan"
  • "How to Be a Good Writer"
  • "India, China, and the Role of Mentality in their Technological Future"
  • "5 Keys to More Effective Communication"

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Michael Mamas - Huffington

  • "How to Deal with Negative Emotions Responsibly"
  • "The Priceless Value of Embracing Multiple Paradigms"
  • "Mount Soma Founder Michael Mamas Opens Up to His Daughter About Childhood Passions and Changing Careers"
  • "Can You Really Find Your True Soulmate?"

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  • "7 Personality Principles to Boost Office Productivity"

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Michael Mamas SlideShare

  • Respect
  • Dealing with Your Inner Karma
  • A New Paradigm: Finding Knowledge Within
  • Your Consciousness is God’s Consciousness
  • How Vedic Technology Works
  • How to Meet Anger With Insight
  • Keys to Directing Your Life’s Path
  • The Final Frontier – Finding God Within

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  • Science & Spirituality Series (8 audios)

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