A beloved member of the Mount Soma community recently passed away. At such emotional, delicate and tender times, one naturally wonders why.  How could such a thing have happened?  What are we to do with our grief?  Why would a person with so much to live for be taken away?  What is the nature of life and death?

To honestly speak of such a thing, I can only come from a place deep within myself. To do so is not so simple in such a sensitive time.  I hope my words are understood and well received.

To ask why someone passes when they do, it is best to remember Lord Krishna’s words from the Bhagavad Gita, “The course of action is unfathomable”.  It is not even so simple as to claim it is karmic.  The are times when one can be ‘called’ upon to do some work on some other level that gives them the opportunity to move more rapidly forward with their evolution. We are not to second-guess such things or even pretend to know the answer.  We can only remain humble with respect to the possibilities.  From our side, of course, life is always precious.  It is natural and appropriate to protect all life.  We do our best to support the lives of one and other always.  However, to understand the mechanics of incarnations, I feel offers great comfort in such times.  To view the matter from a worldly perspective is natural and appropriate, but humility regarding the cosmic scheme of such things is wise and does, I believe, also offer comfort to the grieving who are willing to be with that understanding.

For myself, the loss of a dear friend or loved one is an inward time.  It is a time when I feel their soul deeply.  It is a time when I desire to be with them in my silence.  It is a time when I feel I have some sense of how they are doing and can offer my love and assistance during their time of transition.

Traditionally, it is a time when the grieving come together to mourn.  I do understand that, but it is not my way.  For me, it is a time properly spent in relative silence with the deceased, not with the living.  I understand this may even offend some, but for me it is not proper to attend a funeral.  Or perhaps better said, a funeral is a quiet inward and alone time.  That is just how I am, and I feel it is important for the deceased that I do so.

It is important to understand also that only the physical body dies.  The soul lives on.  There is much anecdotal evidence of this, but for me that understanding came another way.  As I child, I remembered.  But I did not understand how I could remember.  But it was a memory.  Only in later life when I first heard of reincarnation did I then understand how I could be remembering.  So for me, the notion of reincarnation is self evident and unquestionable.

Many wonder what happens after death.  I can best say that the possibilities are endless and depend largely upon the ‘angle of entry’.  It is said that when one is meditating regularly, they naturally go to the transcendental level, to the highest heaven.  I have no doubt that is true.  Of course, there can certainly be a brief time of confusion.  However, that would be sorted out rather quickly and quite naturally.

I know there are many questions about reincarnation, life after death, and so on. However, I feel now is the time for me to be with our beloved friend.  So if you have questions, please feel free to post them, but also please understand if I, for now, choose not to respond to some or all.  This is a delicate and heartfelt time.  Please forgive anything that may seem improper or unclear.  At this time, I can only speak of such things from deep within myself, from a level that is difficult to express in writing.  I trust these words will offer some comfort and understanding.


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