father_daughterI was asked about the concept of Indigo Child to which I respond:

Every individual, at the depth of their being, is Divine.  There are no exceptions. Parents see that in  their children.  As my brother-in-law once put it… “a little slice of Heaven”.  In other words, every parent sees their child as an Indigo Child… special. The beauty of life is that everyone, in that regard, is special… One with God.  The question becomes: “How fully is that Divinity made manifest on the surface of life?”

As the enlightened age emerges, there is no question that more and more evolved beings will incarnate.  However, the popularity of the concept of Indigo Child among New Agers is more a parental justification that their child is ‘special’ rather than the result of that movement toward the enlightened age.

Those drawn to the Indigo Child concept tend to be spiritually oriented New Agers. As a result, they tend to have a great deal of the indigo color in their aura and pass that along to their children. Therefore, those children do have more indigo in their presence. But the belief that makes them special is rooted more in a parental longing than a matter of fact.

All children are special. A parent need not worry about that. Yet the parental role should be more about supporting the child to bring that forth through commitment and character cultivation rather than attempting to rest upon the laurels of a metaphysical concept.  The parental longing is a beautiful thing.  My desire is not to make anyone wrong, but to inspire all to work with that longing in the most constructive manner.

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