inertiaKarma means action.  A couple hundred years ago, Sir Isaac Newton came up with many laws of karma on the physical level of existence.  Like everything else, those laws permeate creation on all levels.  For example, let’s take his ‘for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.‘  On a more cosmic level we say it as ‘what goes around comes around.‘  Momentum (Newton’s Mass x Velocity) is expressed as ‘having a full head of steam’ or as being ‘on a roll.’  Newton’s laws of classic physics permeate all levels of life.  Even Einstein’s laws of relativity are simply that with a bit of a twist as you move through existence from one level (one reality) to the next and to the next (i.e. move transgradiently).

Inertia is ‘the tendency for an object in motion to remain in motion and an object at rest to remain at rest.’  Interestingly enough, before Newton, everyone thought that an object in motion would naturally slow down.  That is, of course, not true.  The reason we may think it is true is because outside forces, like friction, are acting upon the object.

Inertia can be your best friend… good habits, healthy routines, ‘moving in the right direction’, etc.  However, inertia often presents your greatest challenges… bad habits, routines, etc.  You do very, very well to take a look at the inertia in your life. Having trouble getting up off the couch to go to the gym?  That’s called inertia.

People tend to love inertia so much that ‘moving in another direction,’ even from a wrong to a right direction, is resisted.  People aspire to inertia… getting their life ‘on cruise control’ so they can coast.  That can be a good thing if the routine is a healthy (evolutionary) one.  One wonderful aspect of ashram living is that everyone goes to meditation twice daily… that flow just carries you along.

Inertia (like all of life) gets really tricky.  What you think and how you think are also subject to inertia.  People avoid change in this regard.  For example, what someone may think is ‘healthy’ usually has a great deal of inertia to it.  How well I know that people’s relationship with spirituality has inertia to it.  Your relationships with people have inertia to them also, don’t they?

At any rate, please take time to explore your relationship with inertia in any and all aspects of your life.  Otherwise it can remain one of your greatest foes.  To become a master of life, master your relationship with inertia.  Then it becomes one of your greatest allies.

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