When I give a lecture on anything, my mind goes an unlimited number of directions at the same time. My thoughts are not like a line or thought stream going from point A to B to C, etc. Instead, it is like a growing snowflake simultaneously expanding out in every direction from a point. Speech goes in a line: speech is linear. In contrast, nature radiates out like snowflakes from every point in existence simultaneously.

To more fully understand one “line” or reasoning (pun intended), all the other lines interconnected with it must also be understood and related to. There are an infinite number of such lines simultaneously going on eternally creating exquisite, multidimensional, interconnected snowflakes at every point throughout creation. All those snowflakes are interconnected. It is as if all existence is a giant Maha-snowflake… a giant crystal. To really understand anything, everything is understood, must be understood.

The human mind is a mapping (a mini version) in perfect correlation with the entire universe. What is inside is outside. All the interconnections are there within your awareness. It is simply a matter of more and more fully awakening to it.

The programs I offer, the talks I give, are all vehicles to expand the participant’s awareness in that interconnected crystalline manner. Some listen and in their minds strive to force my words along one line, one linear progression of thought. If they can succeed in doing that, they feel they understood what I said. In a way, that is a terrible waste. But then again, the influence is there and received to the extent it can be. Over time, the listener be willing, awareness expands. The words are heard in new, more expanded ways. The dots are connected, i.e. the interconnections are made by the listener, consciously and unconsciously. As awareness expands, the dust clears and the cobwebs are brushed away.

All knowledge is contained within you, within your awareness. It is just a matter of awareness, of awakening the interconnections that are already there within you.

Snow at Mount Soma

Snow at Mount Soma

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