moonCertainly, there is a place for political correctness.  But why is there so much focus upon it today?

We live in ‘The Era of Things’.  There are endless incredible things to capture your attention… computer gadgets, amazing cars, beautiful homes, and even limitless perspectives… social views… political stances and dogmas.

Awaken to the level of Vedanta… where no ‘things’ exist… where no ‘things’ matter. Matter is of the relative.  Awaken to that which dwells beyond matter.

Do not lose yourself to things.  Your relationship with things… with all things… defines the quality of your life.  Resting into your Self is the gateway to a healthy relationship with all that is.  Fulfillment with anything starts from inside of you. Attitude matters.  But more significant than attitude is the state of your being. Culture your self.  Proper meditation is the engine that best propels you.  Proper discernment provides the wings upon which you fly.

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