boy in windowJust keep in mind that juggling does not mean, “figuring it all out”. Nor does it mean having no cynicism, anger, fear, etc. It means awakening to the place deep within that holds all of these things… holds everything… and is beyond the touch of any of it.

Oneness does not mean one with all the things you like and elimination of all the things you do not. Oneness means oneness.

The course of action is eternally unfathomable. You never figure everything out. You juggle… everything remains up in the air. That is why they call it ‘relativity.’ No bottom line. No figuring it all out.

To juggle means to have a healthy relationship with… which means to under-stand, not over-stand. Humility, innocence, not knowingness, are all built right into it, while concurrently, at the depth, you are awake to all knowingness, infinite stability, infinite flexibility, infinite peace, etc.

The nature of the depth and the nature of the surface are two very different things. The error of ‘cross realm projection’ is to try to transfer qualities of one upon the other.

In enlightenment, they exist concurrently… the surface along with its nature, and the depth along with its nature. Yet the surface, from the perspective of your depth, is then experienced as virtual… just lightly etched on the face of the absolute.

The root is stable, the leaves juggle in the wind.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.