autumnI go largely by feel, by ‘intuition’ if you prefer that word. (Of course, it must always be tempered with the intellect.) I feel clearly that it is the right time to have a powerful deep meditation retreat this winter.

Interestingly enough, when I last spoke with jyotishi, Sanjay Rath, he enthusiastically advised that we have a retreat at that time… “The timing is perfect!” He was delighted to learn that it was already planned! He said it is a very important retreat for people to attend, will be incredibly powerful for those individuals and for the entire world. Major transformation could result. Things should really, really take off!

It always fascinates me… how jyotish can be so precise and how Sanjay so often, from his calculations, concludes exactly what I feel from within my being. It seems that everyone here at Mount Soma senses a powerful wave coming.

If you can attend the Deep Dive Course, do yourself and the world a favor by making it happen… I hope to see many of you then.


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