Question: Sometimes I notice when I’m purifying a lot as a result of meditation that I become weak and feel rather ill.  Some people told me it was because I had a lot of bad karma.  Someone even suggested I was maybe possessed at one time.  Please explain how this is part of the evolutionary process and provide any other comments you may have.

Karma and Purification Blog - Michael MamasAnswer: Most people have plenty of karma.  In fact to not is to be an extremely, extremely, extremely rare exception.  When a wave of karma comes your way is anybody’s guess.  It can last for a moment, several years, or even a lifetime.  In the greater scheme of things, in all of these cases, it is just a brief moment in the course of your eternal soul.  It really upsets me when people try to judge another’s evolution (or the amount of karma they have) based upon a current set of circumstances.  It’s possible to be a highly evolved person experiencing a major wave of karma in a lifetime.  It’s also possible to be a lesser-evolved person that is riding a wave of good karma.  To the casual observer, the latter individual may appear more evolved, while the former would be judged harshly.  This is incorrect, and even worse, can be harmful.

Through meditation we do purify and that can be experienced in different ways – barely noticed, weakness, sleepiness, or even feeling somewhat ill.  It’s important to know that it is just purification and not to judge yourself with ignorant perspectives.  Most everyone on an evolutionary path for some time experiences periods of purification.  In India, the impurities are sometimes compared to elephants.  Sometimes they are asleep and sometimes they are stampeding.  When they are asleep, enjoy the smooth ride.  When they are stampeding, rest in the knowledge that you are evolving as the stresses and strains leave the physiology.  It is certainly more pleasant when the elephants are asleep, but when purifying, you do well to maintain the perspective of how fortunate you are to have such rapid evolution, while the other people over there have yet to awaken the sleeping elephant.

In India, there is another saying.  Don’t sort through the garbage.  In other words, when you are purifying, don’t waste time trying to figure out what put those stresses and strains in the physiology.  Just be happy that the garbage collector is on his way.  Attempting to sort through the garbage is a task left to the misguided.

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