You know how sometimes you can just take a step back and see another’s behavioral pattern? Doesn’t it sometimes feel like you wish you could just snap them out of it? Remarkably, it often seems most everyone can see that person’s pattern… except that person! Around and around they go, as if they are spinning around in circles on the surface of a behavior bubble, seemingly getting nowhere, unable to break, or even see, their all-consuming pattern.

I call that pattern a karmic bubble. Everyone has their own karmic bubble. Though their essence is certainly rooted in something that transcends the karmic bubble, it is the karmic bubble that seems to run their life. In fact, they cling to it. They believe in it. It is what makes them feel safe. It is ‘their truth’. It is as if they are one with their karmic bubble!

In spite of what you may like, you cannot pop that bubble. They cling to it too tightly. They defend it with emotion and rationalization. It would be unbearable if it ever popped. They cannot even see that it is a bubble. They cannot see it is their karma. Often, they are convinced it is their dharma!

To help a person move beyond their karmic bubble is a subtle art. It is a finesse. It is delicate. It must be done carefully, respectfully, and humbly. You cannot allow yourself to be self righteous, simplistic, patronizing, or too aggressive. At best, you are a catalyst to their own natural self-correcting process. All too often healers, spiritual advisors, therapists, counselors, and the like are far too presumptuous regarding the clarity and certainty with which they see another.

There are only two things in this world: karma and dharma. Karma is simple cause and effect. No free will there, though it may seem to you like you are free. Dharma is living in accord with your true nature… that which transcends the karmic bubble and is totally free. Karma binds. Dharma frees.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.