birdKarma moves like a current in the sea… like the flow of the wind on a chaotic breezy day.  It carries you, families, and nations wherever it does.

Feeling into someone’s karma may prompt you to warn them or inform them of what you feel and see.  You may just think you could tell them, “Hey, look at this. Now that you see it, just snap out of it.”  But of course, it is not so simple.

Karma overtakes people by casting a spell, by putting them into a sort of trance state.  Once in that state, it seems they have no choice but to think, act, and believe in accord with the current of that trance, where ever it leads. At first it is a frightening thing to witness.  In time, you understand and act artfully in your dealings with the world of winds of karma.

Why are people so susceptible to the winds of karma?  Because we all long to fly. We long for frictionless flow in our lives. In fact, such natural flow is your birthright. Note there are karmic winds yet there is also the Cosmic Flow, the Cosmic Current that is one with the depth and breadth of all that is.  A frictionless Divine Current underlies all that is, just as the silent stillness at the depth of the ocean underlies all the chaotic waves on the surface.

Your physiology is designed to evolve.  It evolved into existence.  Evolution is its way, its nature, it’s sustenance in life.  Evolution culminates with a Being who has caught the Cosmic Wave, the natural flow of their Divine Essence.

The physiology evolves in that direction.  It longs for the Cosmic Wave.  Yet all along the way, karmic waves ensnare your life through that same mechanic of the physiology… the longing to catch The Wave.

Your affinity for your karma is really just misplaced trust.  You long for God.  As a result of that longing, you grasp at karmic waves, which then capture you and carry wherever they do, throughout the ages.

I implore you.  Do not stop until you find the Cosmic Wave and allow it to catch your sail.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.