Memorizing facts has its value.
Memorizing mantras has its value.
However, to really know them is to understand them.

What does it mean to understand them?
Where does understanding come from?

Deep within you, deep within your soul, lies the source of all that is.
It is
… not physical.
… not material.
… not grasped.
It is felt.
… sensed
… deep within your soul.
… deep within your self.
It is the place within where you make sense of things.
For something to be understood is for it to make sense.
Feelings lie deeper than thoughts.
Feelings birth thoughts.
The seed of knowledge is feeling.

Understanding stands under, births, feeds, and supports all of life.
Facts emerge from that place, just as the tree emerges from the seed.
The seed of life births life.

To gain true knowledge, awaken to the source of thought.
The thoughts themselves are secondary.
One can know many facts and not be a person of knowledge.
One can know few facts and be a person of true knowledge.

Awaken to the place within where you understand everything.
Facts are useful tools.
But they are most useful in the hands of those who know the Self.

abstract sun

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.