still lifeIt is not uncommon.  I am giving a lecture and people are with me.  They understand what I am saying, and from within their own selves, they know it is true.  They can feel the truth of it deep within themselves.  It is the great joy of every teacher to see the ‘light bulbs’ go on as they speak – to see the students light up with the fascination of inner discovery and knowing.  As I continue to unfold the teaching with the natural and inevitable logical progression, the entire lecture hall fills with the joy of learning as the expansion of understanding continues to blossom.

Then at some point, it sometimes happens.  The feeling in the room drops down several octaves.  I can see it on their faces as clearly as I can feel it in the hall.   I know that I took them too far.  They may well understand my words.  They may be following it along with their intellects.  But it is no longer being assimilated.  It is then that I know to stop… to not push it… to not force the issue.  Pushing it further would not be True teaching, it would be indoctrination.

You see, there is a huge difference between understanding something intellectually and assimilating it from deep within.  The expansion of ones ability to assimilate truth is the hallmark of human evolution.  It is what human evolution is all about.  It comes from inside, not outside, the person.

Even Real Truth is dropped due to the inability of the listener to assimilate.  The listener may understand it intellectually, but the clarity at the depth of ones being is not sufficient enough to really assimilate the information.  Unfortunately, that is where most people stop and reject what is being offered.  Of course, most people are, from childhood, so indoctrinated into a belief system, that they consider it Truth.  It is what is familiar.  It is what they are comfortable with.  What perhaps would have made no inherent sense to them has been taken on with such overwhelming power that their innate sense has been compromised.  Their indoctrination becomes the filter they embrace to decide what is truth and what is not.  That indoctrination is what guides their life… their decisions.

The point is that there is learning and there is True Learning.  True learning means the expansion of ones ability to assimilate truth… to recognize Truth from deep within.  Most people are so indoctrinated into their belief system that they are unable to see beyond it.  They go through life projecting that belief system upon the world and judging everything from the perspective of that belief system.  Where is the True Learning in that?  There is none.  What they then ‘know’ is not real Knowledge.  It is indoctrination… It is the world of samskaras that Maharshi Patanjali spoke of.

That is what I mean when I say the world is ‘sticky’.  It is easy to get stuck in your indoctrinations.  Indoctrinations reach deep inside.  Even when you see what lies beyond them, those indoctrinations are easily reinforced and can readily reclaim you.  They are reinforced by the world you grew up in, by all your old friends and loved ones.  It is very easy to slip back and once again reach out to those indoctrinations as truth.  But once the Truth that dwells within you has been glimpsed, on some level, it is not forgotten.

Real Truth dwells deep within you, as you, at the very depth of your being. Evolution is about waking up to that.  For this, meditation is your number one tool.  It is the purpose of my lectures to facilitate the process.  Truth is revealed to the Self, by the Self, and through the Self.  A real teacher merely facilitates that process. Unfortunately, many teachers are indoctrinators.  Even if real Truth is being offered, if it is taken on but not assimilated, it is just indoctrination.  The connection is not there deep within the person’s Being.  But let there be no mistake.  The conviction, belief, and passion behind such indoctrination can be strong.  It can be so strong as to not be seen for the indoctrination that it is and can be identified with as being Real Knowledge.  Real Knowledge is only Real Knowledge when it transcends indoctrination and is an awakening to that which eternally dwells at the depth of your being.

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