Letting It Go by Michael MamasPerhaps the greatest human tragedy, the one tragedy that feeds all others, is hatred. It is remarkable to see how long people hold on to their hatred. Of course it comes in various forms like resentment, anger, and that which underlies all anger, hurt—usually hurt feelings. In spite of the effort to heal or move past hatred, many prefer to hold on to the negative feelings year after year.

Take a moment to reflect upon the people you have known through your life. Likely you have seen this sad human tragedy of hatred many times even in your personal life. Why is it that people prefer to hold on to the hatred? Why is it that they prefer to continue to assault the other party one way or another throughout time? Is it some sort of pride or identity with what is deemed principle? Is it just a physiological state of emotional collapse into an irretrievable state of wounding? The damage that is, has been, and continues to be done as a result is a great scourge upon humanity. Not only are friendships destroyed and cities divided, but even wars are fought as a result. Harmony and good will is replaced with tension and cruelty. It is like a heavy, dark, relentless cloud that hangs over families, communities, and nations.

And how are such things healed? No matter how many people with heartfelt sincerity request healing, it seems that once the collapse into hatred occurs, the hater will not, cannot, let it go. It almost seems that attempts to heal only inflame the hatred. People sometimes prefer to leave and take their emotionally collapsed state of hatred with them, only to inflict it again wherever they may go. It is as if they insist that the emotional collapse does not exist within themselves but it is those they hate that are the only problem.

What can one do when at the receiving end of such hatred? It seems that walking away and avoiding the hater only enrages the hater further. It is as if they insist upon you being there to provide them a target upon which to unleash their scorn.

What can one do if they are in fact the hater? Can they find it within themselves to acknowledge their state? Can they bring themselves to deal with their inner state and heal it?

As I write this, I think of many people throughout my life who would no doubt think I am referring to them. Perhaps I have thought of them while writing this and perhaps I have not. But the point here reaches far beyond one individual or another. I am referring here to the treacherous shadow cast upon all people as a result of the cloud of hatred unhealed and seemingly perpetual.

If the stress and strain within people would be released, the hatred would go away with it. To let it go is doable, but not all that easy to accomplish in this world. The technology exists to release those stresses and strains. My life has been dedicated to offering that technology to humanity. But it is a tough sell. The arrows of hatred, anger and resentment continue to fly. At times, it is all one can do to continue standing and keep moving forward. One feels the hatred can no longer be stomached for another moment. When will the time come when this scourge upon humanity leaves us? Sometimes the Dylan song comes to my mind and it feels the answer is “blowin’ in the wind”. Yet all we can do is face the wind and continue moving forward, forward, always forward.

In time, the world will live in peace. Harmony will prevail.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.