abstractI saw a brief interview with a neurosurgeon who had a ‘near death experience’. He spoke very well. I liked what he said about consciousness… something to the effect that scientists see nothing to explain how the physical brain gives rise to consciousness.

He said that the brain just acts as a filter (a reducing valve that reduces consciousness to a trickle) through which our greater consciousness flows and is limited by.

He spoke of meditation as something that can open people to what lies beyond those limitations.

He spoke of the inner voice (I sometimes refer to it as an aspect of the ‘personality self’) that people think is the self, but it is not.

He said that the true being we are lies deeper and is eternal and spiritual.

That’s pretty good.  I have not looked at his book and do not know anything more about him other than what I saw in the interview.  At any rate, the link to his website is listed here if you have any interest in investigating it.



After writing the above blog, I visited his website for a moment.  In the brief video on his website he mentioned something to the effect that at one point he realized he was a speck on the wing of a butterfly.  In the context of what I have said about Unity Consciousness, do you see what he was referring to?  We are one with everything. He briefly had the beautiful experience of his oneness with a speck.  In reality, you are one with every speck that is, ever was, and will ever be.  You are one with everything and everything is God.

In the state of enlightenment, that is an ongoing living reality… not an attitude or philosophy, but a self-evident truth.


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