This Weeks Unedited Notes:

Fitness Trainer. KGB, and Ancient Seers have this essential knowledge in common

Universal principle:   “the foundation of strength is always stability”  Jeff Cavalier  Athlean X 

the foundation of inner and outer health, knowledge, success

stability of the soul

Chaitanya [Unified Field, Transcendent] is field of Infinite stability

Mapping: ”If you knew one grain of sand…..”

Christianity:  Urgent Essential understanding: Beyond faith lies knowledge

go to YOUTUBE and type: KGB AGENT 1985>  Yuri Bezmenov

Soviet defector in the 80s spoke of ideological subversion is already established in the west and like a cancer it would grow to become in fact what it is today

It was the Soviet strategy to de stabilize the nation of America: to weaken at the knees the strongest nation.

yoga sutras, stability of physiology, mind, soul

Life’s foundation: health is wholeness

intellect/intuitive ntegration:  gut feeling raised to refined state of awareness.

The United States is so strong that Russia and China both knew the only way to overcome that Strength was to undermine instability erode it

Self actualization; oneness to separateness; natural part of maturation process; manipulated as rebellion the a counterculture

Done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards.   These are just quotes of the Soviet defector.  


connecting the dots

the world is not as we are being lead to believe…

Contrary to his denials, it finally turned up Biden, ordered the Mira Lago raid

FBI planting spies in Catholic and other churches is a horrific and direct assault on the integrity of the American culture

Doubling down on stupid

strength blows in the wind.  power is in the roots.  Alexander the Great knew this and put local in charge of nations he conquered 

woke counterculture

Counter intuitive is considered clever, insightful, and wise by the counterculture

The justification is that if you can follow the contorted beliefs, derive from counterintuitive, thinking that means you are fashionably smart. It means you’re clever, ‘Means you have deep and profound insights that normal human beings aren’t even capable of relating to which makes you a super human type

“The 21st century is being defined right now”  Marco Rubio

Democracy, Right to Vote, and CDC: Connecting the Dots?: according to CDC more than 1/2 of all American will suffer from mental illness at some point in their life

Give me 4 years to teach the children and the seed i have sewn will never be uprooted    Vladaamir Lennon

he who owns the youth gains the future  Adolf Hitler

children, parental rights, and power

the US dollar  and the price of gold… what is gold?

“Oh, love isn’t there to make us happy. I believe it exists to show us how much we can endure.”


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