couplesI was recently asked via email if I could help a couple that has two different views on spirituality… one is Christian, the other is not.  I responded as follows:

This is a big question that can not be well responded to in a few sentences.  It would be good if i could talk with you both in person.  However, since that will likely not happen, I suggest Bible quotes, like “the kingdom of heaven dwells within.”  As a religion is understood more deeply, one comes to understand the union of all religions.

There are not different religions… not within the depth of life.  The differences only exist on the surface.  The surface is more about cultures than spirituality.  In that sense, religions are half spiritual and half cultural.  So your differences really are more cultural than spiritual.  If you could both really take that to heart and really understand that from the depth of your being, there would be no problem.

To some, a Christmas tree means a great deal.  To others, a temple is what touches their heart.  These things run deeply within the heart.  Such fine feelings are the fabric of life.  It is best if a couple shares the same cultural orientation.  However, when they do not, it can be celebrated as a union of opposite values… an enrichment of both person’s lives.

There is one God.  All the rest is perspective.

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