sunJust returning home from class in San Francisco, I received the following lovely note from one of the students in attendance:

I can’t stop thinking about last weekend. It was so amazing to me, they all are, but this one took my breath away. I want to say something then I will shut up. It is so humbling to be around someone who’s only agenda is to show us god, with no ulterior motive. The fact that it brings you joy to see others evolve is almost a miracle in itself.

What I learned this weekend is intuition, wisdom, and things of that nature are good to have, but they pale in comparison to perceiving what is.

Thank you!

“To perceive what is” …. yes, that is so precious and rare. It was inspired by something I heard an Irish priest say about what a prophet is… not a soothsayer, but one who sees things as they are and says what he sees.

Also, in San Francisco I was asked about management of a business… and how I manage the school. Sitting and reflecting, making lists of bullet points and more specifically making a list of the people I needed to contact on a given day were aspects of what I said. I forgot to mention my use of acronyms or series of letters. I use them for my daily ‘to do list’ as well as a grocery list. The last one was bbbtm. Just accomplish each letters meaning and the day is done.

Now just today when I told the ashram people back at Mount Soma about this, two interesting insights came up.

Firstly, this method is consistent with the nature of existence. Everything starts in seed form. Just a bullet point, or even a letter from an acronym is enough. All else emerges from that. Also, it all starts with silence… sitting and reflecting. Also, life is all about people. Also, start with being, resting into your being. From there comes a deep merging with the issue at hand. Then a knowing naturally arises. From the knowing, the doing… what to do… arises. Too commonly, people try to start with ‘what should I do?” That is upside down.

Secondly, I did not create this management approach because I wanted to follow these points that I teach. I do it as a result of living in harmony with nature… with the nature of life. Realizing this came just today in talking with the ashram people. The living it is spontaneous. It is living naturally…. in harmony with nature, my nature, all of nature. First do the Surya Ram meditation to awaken to your true nature. Then work with the point you learn in class and in these blogs to facilitate the process of harmonizing with nature. In time, you will spontaneous live in harmony with nature, your nature. When practiced, these points will help to free you from a programmed mode of function that is unnatural. See?

And on another note, yes…. Madonna did change the world. But she was part of a larger wave that involved a cultural swing… a swing that was not all that in harmony with Mother Nature. That is like swimming against the current of the Divine Flow. And yet they managed to change the world. We work to align with that Divine Flow… swimming with the current. Yet first we must face and overcome the winds of karma that have been set in place.

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