heartI was asked the following question:

Why are some people lucky and some not?  What is luck? As I contemplate my life, both past and present, I realize I’m a very “lucky” person. I have been so fortunate.  Good fortune just seems to drop in my lap.  Some people I know haven’t been so fortunate. Why am I so lucky?

To which I respond:

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as luck.  Life has two components: Karma and Dharma.

Karma is quite simply action.  The laws of karma (action) are simply the laws of cause and effect.  The effect is not always immediate.  It can take even more than one lifetime for the fruits of your action to affect you.  The effect can be there for an entire lifetime or a period of time or in a moment.  What we think of as good luck is more accurately viewed as the result of some action in the past for which the effect is happening.

Dharma means life in harmony with nature.  As you evolve, you live more and more in harmony with nature and thereby receive the support of nature.  As with karma, that is often called luck.

It is not so easy to know what is karma and what is dharma or lack of dharma in your life.  This is particularly true because of the time lag between cause and effect. You can be a very dharmic person but experiencing the unpleasant effect of a much earlier karma.  Or you may be a person living a non-dharmic life but being carried by a wave of fruitful karma from long ago.  This is one reason why the puzzle of life is not so easy to unravel.

So if you are lucky this lifetime, do not squander it.  As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines.  Meditate, look deeper, live a good life, and evolve.

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