How can it be put into words?  It’s magic… like a great miracle.  To witness it is such an incredible privilege.  The power is increasing daily.  Yes, every single day.  Is it even possible for the people immersed in it to fully appreciate what is happening?  I am so moved by what they are doing… what they are making come to be.  Their evolution is growing exponentially.  They are on an incredible roller coaster ride of evolution.  To see them hang in there and make it happen is such an honor.  I know that such rapid evolution is not always easy.  Their entire physiology and psyche is birthing anew.  Yet they hang in there and keep moving forward, forward, always forward.

To appreciate it, you must experience it.  The closer the Sun, the hotter the heat, and the faster the growth.  Few step up to that plate, but those that do are most blessed.  Visitors of Mount Soma are so fortunate.  Yet the people who live here and make it happen on a daily basis… well, what can I say?  I salute you.  Yes, it takes pressure to make a diamond.  But to see it happening, to see you doing it… that is truly magnificent.

Mount Soma

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