leavesGenerally “management” is thought of as a business term.  People manage companies.  In reality, management is everything, and it starts with the self.  Do you want to be happy?  Learn to manage yourself.  Manage your behavior.  Be attentive to how you interact with people.

My children are very much concerned about the grades they get in school.  I encourage that, but I also have told them that how they manage their relationship with other people will determine the success of their lives far more than anything else, including the grades they get in school.

So, what is the key to managing your relationship with other people?

First and foremost, learn to manage yourself.  All too often, people look outside themselves for what is wrong with the world.  They long for a place free of people who behave improperly.  That’s called delusional.  It’s not about getting rid of everybody that bothers you.  It’s about managing them.  How do you manage your relationship with such people?  And, needless to say, you can’t possibly manage your relationship with other people properly if you cannot manage yourself.

Everything in life is about management.  Take a little time to view every single area of your life as a management issue.  At the same time, you must understand that Nature manages existence.  There is a natural-ness to it.  So, properly managing yourself and others is not a computerized science.  It’s an art that allows everything to breathe.

To manage is to understand, and then act accordingly.

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