Marvelous!It is all so simple, yet so illusive.
Everything revolves around the Center.
Yet the Center is at every point.
All gravitate toward it.
Everyone longs for it.
Everyone searches for it.
Each in their own way.
Some call it God.
Some call it love.
Some call it truth.

It dwells deep within everyone, yet is obscured from view.
Scholars dedicate themselves to it, but do not understand it.
Philosophers ponder it, but cannot fathom it.
The religious pine for it, but can not grasp it.
Scientists pursue it, but cannot prove it.
We see it in our children’s eyes, but cannot fathom it.

And once it is known:
It can not be explained.
It can not be conveyed.
It can not be described.

Yet once it is known:
The path to it can be offered to others.
The meaning of the descriptions are understood.
The fulfillment of the longing is attained.
The proof of it is that it is known.
It is He, not an ‘it’.
It is She, not an ‘it’.
Yet it is beyond gender.

It’s unfathomable nature stands as:
the eternal witness
the eternal backdrop
the all knowing, yet beyond notions or facts
free from any judgement, opinion or bias
the omnipresent.
the One with many names.
the One with no name.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.