treesI was asked the following question:

You are my teacher, but I was wondering if it was all right to visit other Masters.


To which I respond:

Everything is more about your relationship with it, than about it.  Better to have a healthy relationship with a bad thing (which would mean stay away from it) than an unhealthy relationship with a good thing.  If your relationship with visiting other “Masters” was healthy, then it would probably be fine.  But there are many things to consider here.

First and foremost, the vast majority of those considered spiritual Masters today would be more appropriately students rather than teachers.  Too too many have some intellectual knowledge or lifestyle/behavioral patterns that they consider spiritual and so decide they are rightly spiritual teachers.  Though they may be quite well intended, they lead so so many sincere seekers astray.  A true Master is a much rarer thing than most seekers realize.

Secondly, the subtle difference makes all the difference.  I can not tell you how many times people have come to me and told me of a book or teacher that ‘says all the same things that I do.’  Yet when I look at what they teach, I am appalled.  It is easy to drift off course without even realizing it.

If there were a genuine Master out there to visit, it would probably be ok.  But do you really believe you have the ability to tell?  People easily fall for a lofty belief system, a dramatic appearance, magic tricks, or emotional performances. Most alleged “teachers” are simply more fully indoctrinated into a paradigm than their students are. Enlightenment means liberation, not indoctrination. Yet indoctrination into the notion of liberation is not enlightenment. It is all highly elusive, evading many well-known “spiritual masters”.

Also keep in mind, as Ramana Maharshi put it, when you are traveling down a river it is best to have both feet in one boat.

This is Kali Yuga, the Age of Ignorance.  You need to be careful.

There is the story about a great saint who had many supernatural powers.  It is said that he could fly through the air and walk through walls.  Do you know what his motto was?  Safety first.

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