sri yantraSome interpret the Mayan Calendar to say that humanity was created 5000 years ago and that Armageddon will occur this month. According to Vedic literature, 5000 years ago indeed marks a shift… from Dvapara Yuga to Kali Yuga.  Also, Vedic literature says this current time marks the shift from Kali Yuga to an era of Sat Yuga (Enlightened Age) in the midst of Kali Yuga.

It is interesting to note that experts in the Mayan culture are not sure how to interpret the predictions about the upcoming shift.  It is clear their interpretation of what was said to occur 5000 years ago did not occur.  Some say the upcoming shift will be to a time of Armageddon; others say simply the shift to a new cycle.  The Vedic literature is more clearly understood and is therefore a good place to look for a deeper understanding of the shift.

Interestingly enough, geologists have found evidence that a shift did in fact abruptly occur 5000 years ago.  It has been said that such shifts are like a saw tooth graph.  In other words, the shift is approached with gradual change.  But at the point of the shift, the change is significant and rapid.

According to Vedic accounts, the upcoming shift is to an Enlightened Age… just around the corner.  Objectively looking at our current world situation, it actually makes sense that a shift is coming, certainly economically to say the least.

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