Merry Christmas!There are so many different understandings of Christ: who he is, what he is. As we refine our understanding of nature and existence, so too do we refine our understanding of everything. This includes our understanding of Christ. As we evolve, instead of rejecting our earlier notions of Christ, we do well to be open to a deeper understanding of Christ. I would think that even the most skeptical among us are open to the ideas of modern physics. Namely the idea that everything is born from the same one thing. We have only just begun to fathom the significance of that, and the insights it could provide to understand the spirituality of Oneness, the notion of the Christ.

Still, in a more humble sense, we can all embrace Christmas as a feeling of love, peace, and harmony we share. Whatever one’s level of understanding, the notion of Christmas offers us all a richer, more beautiful, and meaningful life. Regardless of our religion, intellectual understanding, or position, may we all feel into those values and come together during this holiday season to celebrate the tender beauty of life.

Merry Christmas!

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