Regardless of religious affinity or nationality, Christmas is a time we can all celebrate the birth of a great soul. Whatever degree the accuracy of facts that surround his life, they wax insignificant in proportion to the Truth of the Absolute he has touched in the lives of so many throughout the centuries. With dignity and courage, he stood up for the Divinity that dwells within us all. What greater thing could be asked of any being?

And in that regard, you all have my deepest respect. The path to enlightenment does indeed require dignity and courage. Your commitment to that is most honorable. It is not always easy. But forward, forward, always forward we go. We at times stumble, yet we again stand tall and continue. I could not be prouder, nor could I be more grateful than to have the opportunity to be by your side as we continue upon this most laudable path.

With deeply heartful gratitude and joy, a Merry Christmas to you, one and all.


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