This whole world is a world of imagination. It was all imagined into being through a play of Consciousness. So we have a very profound distinction between imagination and fantasy. Or maybe we would say “Imagination” with a capital “I”, and “imagination” with a small “i”, which is fantasy. But I prefer to say, “This is all imagined into being.”

There is an article we link to in the previous blog in which someone was asking Maharishi, “What do you mean this is all imagination?” and the article sort of downplays relativity. However, there is a foundational reality, which is the Transcendent, and then the self-interacting dynamic of pure Consciousness that structured the whole universe. All those different facets, those different levels, those different manifestations, are different realities. A table is real. It becomes more real because you can’t go around it, like that song says… “So high you can’t go over it, so low you can’t go under it, so wide you can’t go around it, you gotta go through the door”. The only way you are going to fathom this reality is to go through it.

It’s really beautiful, because even when it comes to bringing Transcendental Knowledge to this world, there’s a certain level to which you’ve got to go through this world. The opposition to that is the Rakshasa value, and so you have to contend with it.

For you as an individual, the time will come when you have the ability to dissolve this entire universe with the snap of your finger. But you won’t do it. Because, concurrent with the cultivation of that ability, is the awareness that on the Transcendental level, all is well and wisely put. I would say that a number of my students have the ability to perform miracles. But they won’t, because the time isn’t right. How did Maharishi put it? “If it wasn’t for world consciousness, we’d be able to fly through the air already.” Do you see how all of that connects?

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