mojoMojo is a term made popular from the southern blues music era.  It means a charmed, almost magical, component to your life.

I am sure you have noticed how some people seem to lead a charmed life in one form or another.  Some always seem to get a nice place to live, some always seem to have people around that help them out, others may have a knack at making money, or even winning the lotto.

You have a deep relationship with the Divine.  It is unique to you.  You do well to explore the nature of that relationship and do all you can to cultivate it, nurture it, evolve it.  That is the art of cultivation of mojo.

In the west, it is called ‘luck’.  In the Vedic Tradition, it is called ‘support of nature’.

By living in harmony with your own true nature, you live in harmony with all of nature, and thereby receive the support of all of Mother Nature.  That is the ‘stuff’ mojo is made of.

Your mojo is unlike any other person’s mojo.  Pursue it.  Discover it.  Live it.  “How?” you ask.  By meditating, coming to classes (i.e. reflecting deeply within in a manner that take you out of the confinement of your preconceived notions), visiting Mount Soma and Sri Somesvara Temple, and doing your best to live life in accord with what you learn from those experiences.

In the words of Will Rogers, “I would rather be lucky than good.”  Translated into Vedic understanding,  “By living in harmony with nature, you gain the support of all of Nature.”

In the words of the southern blues movement, “Get your mojo workin’ “.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.