moneyI was asked the following question:

I have been reading your discourses for almost a year now as my wife follows your group, somewhat. Some of your writings are very good. I have been to India and became an initiate of Maharaj Charan Singh Ji (Surat shabd yoga). In their teachings they say that a perfect saint sat guru will not charge money for spiritual teaching.
This has made it difficult for me to put much faith in your teachings. Could you comment on this for me? I like you and enjoy most of what you say.

To which I respond:

In a perfect world, a perfect Saint would walk into a perfect grocery store and take what food his family needed and not be charged. That is not the way of this world.

However, I do give away a great deal. The website is free as are educational videos, articles, free lectures, online meditation instruction. The list goes on. A number of people with little or no money who live at the ashram at Mount Soma do so for free. But the ashram does require money to run. Those who have money give money. It is simple pragmatics… common sense really. As far as I am concerned, all my teachings are free. Of course, someone needs to pay for the room, food, water, heat, etc.

In closing, please consider that there may be opportunity for exploration in the things I say that you don’t like… perhaps even more than in what you do like.

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