JayaSketch 7With Saturn and Rahu converging on one another this month, conflicts are on the rise.  So it is a good time to take a step back, take a breath, and reflect on any conflicts in your life.

Conflict between friends and associates almost always boils down to one thing: fatigue. Situations arise when it just seems to take too much energy, too much effort, to completely explain your position in a sincere, constructive and open manner. As a result, you shoot out  half-baked comments or reactions that hurt others. Ironically, to deal with the damage that is done usually requires many multiples of the energy that would have been required to handle it properly in the first place.

In those cases a simple, “Hey, I am sorry this conflict happened. I would very much like us to get past this.” is usually all that it takes to open the door to healing.  Yet most often the amount of energy spent to get to that point is, again, multiples of what would have been required to handle the situation properly in the first place.

People usually really do understand more than they are given credit for.  Taking the high road with such a simple offering means a great deal, gains the respect of others, and sends a noble message.  If they can verbally acknowledge it or not, they will hear it, appreciate it and respect you for it.

Try it out. You long to be great. Such greatness is easier than you may think.

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