flowerA lovely comment was sent in regarding my recent cultural integrity blog.  You can read the comment by clicking on ‘comments’ below the blog.  In fact, the comments to my blogs have been lively and you may want to read them as they come up.  My response to the comment follows:


There is a lot to address in your email. Firstly, no history of religion can really be done until the essential nature of life and existence is understood. A valid history could only be written in that context. In fact, that could be the short answer to the general question about where Mount Soma is headed. And the long answer to that is the sum total of all my lectures, books, etc. Religion is not truth. Religion is composed of the various ways humanity congregates around Truth. Science is not Truth. Science is a means by which humanity attempts to grasp Truth. That is of course a very good thing.

Imagine being able to take a step back and see the big picture. All human endeavor, not just religion and science, revolve around a central core called “Truth.” In a nutshell, Mount Soma will bring forth that understanding in a way that honors human endeavor by holding it up to the light of a unifying understanding. Individually unique but unified as One.

It seems that the confusion, fear, doubt, mistrust, resistance, etc around all this that people seem to experience is in fact the very reason why my vision for Mount Soma is so necessary and so difficult for my explanations to be understood. Yet I do believe I am felt and on that level understood. My goal is simple. To assist humanity to live in peace and abundance in a manner that is supportive of every individual’s unique nature. Simple really. But I do understand it will require more explanation than can be provided in blogs. It is something that has in fact eluded humanity throughout the ages.

For it to be understood, I guess it will have to be created first. But there are those that understand it well enough to dedicate their lives to it. Count me in those ranks. It is not a road map. It is not clearly defined. We will, as I speak of in my lectures, feel our way and tack until we reach the summit.

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