balloonI was asked the following question:

I am currently in Afghanistan and the knowledge that you speak of is very touching. But this place brings it out of me. There is so much pain and suffering here. People die everyday of the common cold. Children are starving and neglected. I can feel it. It takes it out of me. Mentally and physically drains me. How is this my reality? I cannot be in a unified field with these people yet I’m connected. I guess I am asking, “ How can we always be one if there are always going to be those few that make you have doubts? Those few, in my case, that drain you with their pain and suffering. How can this be my reality?”

To which I respond:

Your question displays your beautiful honesty. I respect that about you.

Until you are awake to the level of Unity Consciousness, you cannot function from that level.  You are looking too superficially at the notion of oneness.  Trying to experience true oneness from the perspective of (on the level of) duality is denial at best, mood making most often, and in the final analysis is futile.  True unity slips into your life in an almost unidentifiable manner… as they say, ‘like a thief in the night.’ Proper meditation is your most powerful tool.

Your preconceived notions of the experience of oneness keep you looking for it where it is not. You can know all about the taste of a strawberry, but if you have never tasted one, when you finally do you would likely say, “I am an authority on strawberries and I can assure you this is not a strawberry.”

Do not try to make your experiences conform to your notion of what they should be. That is just trying to impose a sort of trance state upon yourself. When you finally awaken to the transcendent, it will become so obvious to you… you will wonder how you could have ever missed it. All of the knowledge you have gained will shift to align with the actual experience. This is what is meant by “Knowledge is structured in consciousness.” You may use the same words to describe it, but those same words will take on a whole new meaning.

True knowledge is an experience, not an intellectual understanding.

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